Nuns ’embezzled cash from school to fund Vegas gambling trips’


Nuns ’embezzled cash from school to fund Vegas gambling trips’

Police are investigating the alleged misappropriation of funds, which could have been going on for a decade.


Two nuns at a California Catholic school embezzled money to fund gambling trips to Las Vegas, according to church officials.

Officials say the the pair appropriated a “substantial” amount, and Adrian Alarcon, a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, said the embezzlement appears to have gone on for about 10 years.

During that time Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper was principal of Saint James Catholic School in Redondo Beach, while Sister Lana Chang taught eighth grade. Both retired earlier this year.

The nuns belong to the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet, which says both nuns have apologised and promised to make restitution.

According to the Sisters of St Joseph, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles has filed a criminal complaint.

The sisters reportedly spent money on trips to Las Vegas (Dave Thompson/PA)

A statement read: “As a religious community, we will not defend the actions of our sisters. What happened is wrong. Our sisters take full responsibility for the choices they made and are subject to the law.

“The Sisters of St Joseph are committed to work with the archdiocese to discover the amount taken. We are unable to confirm any sum until the discovery phase is completed.”

Alarcon said the exact amount involved is still being tabulated.

The nuns have been “removed from their residence and placed in a religious house under the supervision of community leadership”, according to the Sisters of St Joseph.

An investigation is ongoing. No charges have been filed.


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